BOROFUSE® in Aerospace

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The aerospace industry faces extreme environments that are demanding on commercially available materials. Critical components must withstand high surface pressures, elevated temperatures and erosive environments. They also require a significant lifespan to reduce maintenance time and cost. The MDC BOROFUSE boronizing process offers a unique solution to these problems, including the ability to harden surface components well above that of nitriding, with excellent wear and erosion properties.


Commercial Aerospace

The large majority of commercial aircraft in operation today have either BOROFUSE processed components or Ni-Flex braze foils and rings used in the assembly or a strategic part of the components. A significant number of commercial jetliners use borided components in the air handling systems as well as integral bearing components in the jet engines.  The other commercial planes use our Ni-Flex braze foils or braze rings in the assembly of key engine components.


Military & Defense Aerospace

The F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter is powered by the Pratt and Whitney F119-PW-100 gas turbine engine. This engine incorporates a thrust vectoring exhaust nozzle which redirects exhaust gasses from the turbine, resulting in improved in-flight maneuverability and take-offs. The various nozzle bearing components are manufactured from age-hardened nickel alloys and subsequently BOROFUSE processed to prevent wear, galling and corrosion under the aggressive operating environment.

Trusted Wear Protection

Gas turbine engines used in military aircraft are required to operate under conditions where the fuel is contaminated with abrasive particles. The main fuel pumps often use wear-resistant materials such as tungsten carbide, but still experience erosion because of the relatively soft cobalt binder. BOROFUSE processing of the metal-bonded carbide vane pump components, which converts the soft cobalt binder to hard cobalt boride, results in substantial improvement in erosion resistance.