The talented team at MDC has years of experience in boriding a variety of materials for many applications. The outstanding wear resistance achieved through the BOROFUSE® process increases the life of critical work components, resulting in long term cost savings for our valued clients.


The BOROFUSE process developed by MDC applies to a wide variety of materials, including stainless steels, cast iron, nickel based alloys, cemented carbides and many other special metals.


Enhance your high performing work components with BOROFUSE wear-resistant surface and watch your valves, spherical bearings, filtering screens, actuator links, pump components, spray nozzles, linear actuators and more outlast and outperform the competition.


The engineers at MDC produce a wide variety of braze forms including preformed rings and foil as well as foil strips, allowing our clients to improve their metal joining operations by boosting quality, productivity, and ultimately reducing overall production costs.