Since 1969, our superior BOROFUSE boriding process has been sought after worldwide by industry leaders for providing the best protection available against wear for high performing parts.


Boriding, also known as boronizing, is a thermochemical surface hardening process used to extend the life and performance of metal and metal composite components. At Materials Development Corporation (MDC), our skilled engineers developed the superior BOROFUSE process, in which boron atoms are diffused into a parent material to form complex borides, maximizing durability and endurance. Think of BOROFUSE as insurance for critical components, safeguarding them from the harshest environments.


MDC’s BOROFUSE process gives nickel based alloys, metal carbide composites, cobalt based alloys and iron based alloys an extremely hard and smooth surface for maximum resistance to environmental impacts. In extensive lab and field tests, components with BOROFUSE provided wear resistance on average 10 times greater than un-treated materials.


Time and quality of performance is critical to stay ahead in today’s demanding global marketplace. That’s why industry leaders in aerospace, oil & gas, chemical processing, metal forming and power generation rely on the BOROFUSE boriding process to protect vital components both small and large with the best wear resistance available.  MDC’s BOROFUSE allows our clients to work smarter, faster, save money and maintain their stellar reputations for results-driven service.