The BOROFUSE® Advantage

The best defense against aggressive environmental conditions

The Ultimate Protective Surface Modification

At MDC our job is putting an end to your wear problems. The heavy duty reinforcement provided by our BOROFUSE process gives unmatched resistance against wear and corrosion for critical equipment over conventional heat treatments and many other conventional surface coatings and treatments. Since boriding does not rely on line of sight, all areas of the tool that see wear are protected. The end result is components that outperform and outlasts to reduce cost while improving function and keep you ahead in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Abrasion Reduction

Choose boriding to put an end to your wear issues. BOROFUSE® provides unmatched resistance against abrasive wear over conventional heat treatments and available diffusion services. 

Erosion Protection

Superior erosion protection is unbeatable for extending life of high performance critical parts. Whether it is high pressure erosion or fine particle erosion, Borofuse extends the life of components in these demanding conditions

Galling Elimination

The dramatic increase in surface hardness for Borofuse treated parts leads to a significant reduction in sticking and galling properties. In situations where static joints are constantly loaded Borofuse treatment has shown to be extremely successful at resisting cold welding.

Surface Hardness Increase

Borofuse obtains a surface hardness as high as 1900 VHN. The increased hardness is the primary factor resulting in incredible wear resistance.  Borofuse processing is harder than both carburizing and nitriding; it has proven to be a superior alternative to either of these surface treatments.

Corrosion Resistance

Depending on the environment, dramatic improvements in corrosion resistance can be obtained. In particular Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid, Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, Concentrated Phosphoric Acid; in addition Borofuse performs well in salt spray tests.

Other Characteristics
  • The borided surface is conductive
  • Boron diffusion is permanent

Proven Results

Hardness of a borided surface can be as high as 1900 VHN while nitride samples are typically 1250 VHN and carburizing which is typically 800 VHN.

Materials We’ve Worked With

Proven Results

Sprue bushings which typically last 6 to 8 weeks were borided and have lasted over a year in the same conditions. BOROFUSE increased the life by 650X.

Materials We’ve Worked With