BOROFUSE® in Tooling

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Forming applications where precision and reproducibility are required and abrasive media is a necessity, BOROFUSE offers several key solutions to typical problems. Across every manufacturing and fabrication industry, erosion and abrasion of critical die and mold components comes consistently to the top of the list as issues impacting efficiency and cost reduction. As molds and dies wear the resulting precision of manufactured components dramatically reduces. In each of these areas molds and dies are a significant investment. Protecting that investment is the primary concern. BOROFUSE processed mold and die components last many times longer.

Common applications where borided components have shown to be extremely successful are:
• Screens used to filter abrasive material
• Nozzles that direct spray of abrasive fluids/slurries
• Food processing equipment
• Cold roll forming dies
• Injection molding screws, barrels and granulator screens
• Injection molding molds used with glass filled polymers
• Textile components to resist erosion from textile fibers