Parts and Components

Total coverage for your hard working equipment


The high hardness of the BOROFUSE process combats wear, abrasion, erosion and galling on all types of industrial work parts and components. At MDC, we not only modify parts and components with unsurpassed surface hardness, we also provide them with the ability to work through harsh environmental conditions and maintain structural integrity. When the going gets tough, the tough get BOROFUSE.


Proven Results

Threaded linear actuators that have undergone the Borofuse process have improved from 1000 cycles to 11,000 cycles.  10X the life as compared to untreated parts.

Materials We’ve Worked With

  • Borofuse surface 1900 VHN
  • Nitride Surface 1250 VHN
  • Carburizing Surface 800 VHN


Oil & Gas — threaded linear actuators, ball valves, seats, gates and instrumentation components
Aerospace — spherical bearings, actuated links, gas valves, pump components and thrust reverser links
Tooling — filtering screens, spray nozzles, sprue bushings, molds, die components
Valve components — gates, seats, balls, stems, regulator valves
Textiles — high speed textile components and grooved drums
Injection Molding — screw barrels, gates and granulator screens
Pump Components — impeller housings, bodies, plungers, cylinders
Packaging — rolls used in seaming cans