When the worlds leading companies in aerospace, oil production, mining, energy production, tooling and more need maximum resistance against metal erosion and wear, they trust MDC to make critical work components BOROFUSE® strong.


BOROFUSE processed parts are approved for critical aerospace components that require superior wear protection to withstand abrasion, erosion, and corrosion at elevated temperatures and in the harshest environmental conditions.


Oil & gas production is a vast, dynamic industry that is crucial to the global economy. MDC’s BOROFUSE process is used by the industry’s leading companies for protecting a variety of components exposed to hostile environments.


The BOROFUSE process provides outstanding wear resistance for components that are key to manufacturing and production, extending service life and reducing maintenance time and cost.


From transportation to power generation, the world’s leading industrial companies and manufacturers rely on MDC’s BOROFUSE process for unsurpassed service life of high performing components.